Bicycle Rides

Bicycle Rides

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Bikesploitation is pleased to announce that we have 6 different start points all around the city for rides to the Metal Museum!!  Please see below for the locations and leave times.  We encourage riders to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to ride leave time.  All rides will meet up at various points on the route and will enter the museum grounds en masse!

Start Point A: Shelby Farms Greenline
Mullins Station & Farm Road

Leave Time: 11:50am

Start Point B: University of Memphis
Peddler Bicycle Shop, 575 S. Highland St.

Leave Time: 11:50am

Start Point C: Cooper/Young
Revolutions Bike Co-op, 1000 S. Cooper St.

Leave Time: 12:25pm 

Start Point D: Overton Park
Veterans Plaza

Leave time: 1:00pm

Start Point E: Downtown
Court Square Park

Leave Time: 1:50pm

Start Point F: Soulsville
Memphis Slim Collaboratory

Leave Time: 1:50pm


Some notes on group rides:

For any ride it is a good idea to have your tires inflated to their max psi (this lowers rolling resistance and reduces chances of punctures), make sure your brakes function properly and shift through your gears to make sure they are working.  The bike should be adjusted to fit the rider.  

For larger group rides it is especially important to ride as a group.  Imagine a large bus.  The driver of the bus, (aka the ride leader) steers the bus on a certain route.  The bus always stays in the right lane and no one gets in front of the driver.  When the bus needs to turn the driver makes sure there is no traffic that would prohibit the whole bus from turning or merging, and the people in the back of the bus turn or merge with the driver.  Similarly, if the bus driver passes underneath a light that then turns yellow the people in the back of the bus complete the turn with the driver.  This prevents the bus from becoming two short buses.  A short bus with no driver gets lost easily.  If you need to get off the bus for some reason (flat tire, broken spoke, shortness of breath [we've all had a hard ride before, everyone understands and is happy to wait while you regain composure]) you need to tell the driver (or make sure someone tells) to stop for a minute.  The driver will stop and assist you with minor repairs.  If your repair exceeds the mechanical capability of any of the bus riders, a chaperone will remain with you until your ride arrives.  You are responsible for securing a ride if you get off the bus.  

A group ride is not a bike shop; major repairs cannot be performed at the meeting points. Remember these are guidelines and that you are responsible for yourself. Come ready to ride and you will have fun.