Memphis, Tennessee

Bikesploitation 4

May 17th 2014 at the beautiful Metal Museum!
Free admission to the festival and Museum


BS3 Film Screenings

BS3 Film Screenings

BS3 Film Screenings

On the evening of Friday May 24th, Bikesploitation takes you on three film programs called SHORT RIDES. Each "ride" lasts about 50 minutes and showcases short films from around the world that celebrates and incorporates bicycles in art, culture, professional competition, and everyday life.

7PM - Short Ride 1
See bikes built from scratch, a cafe specializing in bike thru, a bicycle built with unique materials, amazing animations, outdoor trail riding, an awesome art show of bikes, a musical bicycle like no other, tunnel racing, window gazing, and miniature bikes made from wires, and more!

8PM - Short Ride 2
Experience gorgeous winter scenery on an outdoor ride, bicycle painting, competitive bike jumping, reflecting on cycling adventures, Montreal's fixed gear bike scene, ladies who love bikes, pets who love bikes, a cute sidewalk ride, eye dazzlin' zoetropes, and an endearing story of a father/daughter bike ride.

9PM - Short Ride 3
Witness some Memphis grit/grind/bike, a tense drag race, cinematic tours of Europe via bike, an obsessive cyclist, 16mm bike films, the famed Cyclotrope, the transformation of a bicycle trail, trees made into bikes, and intense POV race run, BMX & fireworks, a musical bicycle interlude, and a journey through gorgeous land on a gorgeous bike.

And that's just one day of Bikesploitation films!

Saturday from Noon - 5PM, we showcase LONG RIDES, longer format films in blocks of one hour.

12PM - Long Ride 1
Riding North (49:37)
Director: Chris Mitchell & Ryan Mitchell
Vancouver, Canada
Experienced bike tourist Steve Langston and a film crew embark on a one-month journey from Whitehorse, Yukon to Yellowknife Northwest Territories

1PM - Long Ride 2
Cycle Me Home (56:39)
Director: Daniel Verten
Madrid, Spain
Levi, a Hungarian film student, went from Madrid to Budapest on his fixie bike and asked the people of Europe to join him on his way.

2:30PM - Long Ride 3
Boikzmoind (29:23)
Director: Gavin Strange
Bristol, UK
Fixed gear riders enjoy beautiful Bristol, UK and explain their experience with fixed gear culture.

Critical Mass (26:43)
Director: Jessee Gorham Engaard
Brooklyn, NY
16mm film about a down & out cyclist in NYC

3:30PM - Long Ride 4
Haute Route - Life is a Pass (16:36)
Director: Filme von Draussen
Zurich, Switzerland
Two friends set out to ride the world's most famous ski tour - on their mountain bikes. Their story is about exhaustion, glaciers and big challenges of an unexpected kind.

Tour de Francis (15:52)
Director: Nick Mason
Could an amateur handle the toughest stages of the world's most prestigious cycling event, the Tour de France?

4:15 til 5PM - The Finish Line
We'll replay some crowd favorites and add a few new films to the mix!

VIVA LA BIKESPLOITATION!  View full weekend schedule here.

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